Carrera 68C # 11-45, Bogotá - Colombia
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Who We Are?

RaincoLtda-1024x403Rainco ltda. is a family owned company founded in 1970, producing high quality foul-weather garments for use in the industry.

Rainco ltda. is a company were every worker is treated as a part of a big family, a family with only one purpose. Produce the best garment in the market.

Rainco ltda. uses high quality rubbers compounds and fabrics of high resistance. All the seams of our garments are hand cemented and then fully vulcanized, producing the best seam in the market, without any stitches or any tape. A seam that is stronger than the material itself.

Rainco ltda. also produces a wide line of aprons and flame-retardant garments, for every use in the food-industry, laboratories, municipalities, commercial fishing and general industry.

Rainco’s quality control staff thoroughly tests seams, stitching, fabrics, collars, snaps etc. The end result is a quality product that performs even in the toughest environments.

The Rainco’s products are sold in Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Canada and USA.

The Rainco family is always ready to respond to your necessities, designing new products to your specifications.

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