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DESCRIPTION Rainco specialize in developing high-performance aprons for chemical, food processing, pharmaceutical or everyday-use applications. Our aprons utilize a variety of fabrics and construction methods, gauges, sizes and levels of chemical resistance. 27002915 This apron has a heavy duty, high abrasion resistant extra band on the mid section. You can…



DESCRIPTION The ARCBLAST LINE is a high-performance class III rainwear for the utility and telecommunications industries. These garments combine the characteristics of the Nomex and the performance of the Neoprene using the strong vulcanized seams. FEATURES • Your choice of non-woven Nomex-Kevlar fabric or a strong 4.5 onz. Nomex IIIA….



DESCRIPTION This suit is made from a heavy cotton twill, coated with a special abrasion resistant Nitrile/PVC compound. This premium grade formulation is specially designed to resist oils, greases, lard, or any animal fat , maintaining an excellent flexibility in extreme cold temperature. Specially designed for the fishing Industry. FEATURES…



DESCRIPTION Made from 100% Flame retardant Neoprene , it offers the best and most long lasting protection for those demanding heavy duty jobs. FEATURES 100% Double coated Flame Retardant Neoprene Meets or exceed ASTM D6413 (less than 2 sec. Flame out) Double lapped fully vulcanized seams.(class 5 seams >700 N…



DESCRIPTION Made from premium grade neoprene , NEOCHEM garments are designed for a high level of protection against many hazardous substances. It provides a complete set of solutions to chemical splash hazards. Please contact us for complete test data. FEATURES • 100% Double coated Flame Retardant Neoprene • Meets or…



DESCRIPTION Tough, long wearing VulcaShield garments, are made from SBR (Styrene Butadiene Rubber) coating on strong Poly/Cotton fabric. All seams are hand cemented and then fully vulcanized, for the most complete and most durable seam in the market. FEATURES • Batwing sleeves jacket • Cotton blend fabric • 100% SBR…

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